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Posts From 'Psychometrics' Category

4 Ways Psychometric Assessments can Improve your Business

Whether a company makes ten thousand or ten million, everyone is looking for ways to improve their business. We are all out there analyzing, researching, changing, twisting, and turning in an attempt to make our work (and lives!) run a little better. We all know the basic things you need to do to improve your business – you can find…

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How to Put Results of Psychometrics to Good Use to Become a Star in your Organization

You know it, I know it, we all know it: psychometrics is becoming the hot (not so) new thing in HR. Let’s face it: recruitment, hiring, onboarding, engagement, even compensation, are all changing. Organizations need to come up with innovative ways to ensure their employees are both happy and fit for the job to remain great assets to the business.…

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3 Reasons Why Psychometric Testing Leads to Employee Retention

This article was written by our guest blogger : Chantal Tessier , People Director at Nubik We’ve recently entered into another round of hiring at Nubik. And that has reminded me, yet again, why I love using psychometric testing as an integral part of our hiring process. Working with an applicant pool comprised mostly of consultants and freelancers, I see…

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5 Reasons Why Personality at Work is More Important than you Think

Let’s face it, when you are spending 8 hours a day with the same colleagues, it’s not really their experiences or education that will determine what type of relationships you will have with them…it’s their personalities! These traits, or natural reflexes, that form an individual’s character are essential not only when predicting how people will interact and behave with one…

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Free Psychometric Test: Too Good to be True?

Psychometrics! Psychometrics everywhere! The popularity of psychometric testing has been rapidly growing over the past few decades, especially in organizations. In fact, they have become so popular that there are over 2,500 different psychometric tests on the market today that come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. And guess what? Their popularity isn’t unwarranted. Organizations are now using them for pretty much…

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How Psychometrics Can Improve Job Satisfaction at your Organization

Have you ever found yourself feeling annoyed when someone is ranting about how much they love their job? You might even feel resentment towards them. So what’s the deal? It may be because you are lacking job satisfaction yourself, and anyone seemingly happy in their work is a simple reminder of how unhappy you are in yours. Now, imagine your…

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What does “Having an Assertive Personality” Mean, Anyway?

Whether at work or in your personal life, I’m fairly certain that you’ve come across (and will continue to come across) someone with an assertive personality. Although sometimes having a bad rep, these people also possess a lot of qualities that can really be advantageous in certain contexts. Perhaps your experiences with, what you know, or what assume to know…

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Undeniable Proof that Psychometrics Have a Good Return on Investment

Are you thinking about implementing a psychometric test in your organization? Perhaps you are worried about investing time and energy in something you’ve never used before, or maybe you are doubting its effectiveness and reliability? Not all psychometric solutions are complicated. In fact, many are very user-friendly, while still maintaining precision, accuracy and scientific validity. Here are ways that psychometrics…

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Improve your productivity, performance, and prosperity by focusing on your most important asset: your employees. From recruitment to retirement, AtmanCo’s psychometric assessments will help you achieve Business Happiness!


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