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Back your hiring decisions with scientific data and select your next superstar with confidence.

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It's not even a question anymore: AtmanCo testing is a best practice in our selection processes. It is a real must if you want to reduce the time you spend looking for the right candidate.

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Global fit

Hire your best-fit candidate.

Measuring a candidate's fit with a role, your team, and the soul of your organization is our specialty. Identify and analyze easily where they’ll shine and where to focus.

Job Fit

Pinpoint the strengths and less natural abilities of a candidate for any role. Get personalized, behaviour-based interview questions to back your decisions in the most effective way.

Access dozens of prebuilt jobs to get you started
Create customized Job Fits of your own.
Manager Fit

Compare a candidate's profile with that of their future manager to reveal the best ways to ensure a successful integration. Foster collaboration by understanding the dynamics of their relationship and their strengths as a duo.

Team Fit

Discover areas of similarity, complementarity, and conflict by comparing the personality characteristics, motivations, and competencies of a candidate with those of their future team members.

Culture Fit

Keep your company culture aligned and strong by selecting the right candidates who’ll support, contribute, and add to your values.

6 culture types already created for you
Customize your own culture
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Your Ultimate Interview Toolkit

Unique tips and advice to make your job interviews the most effective and recruit the best candidates.

Psychometric assessments

Uncover talents and potential like never before.

Reveal accurate and detailed data that expose the natural strengths and potential of your candidates without the complexity. Get easy-to-interpret insights that go beyond a resume.

Cognitive Ability

Measure candidates' ability to solve problems and understand complex ideas with the best predictor of performance. The more complex the job requirements, the more critical this information will be to making the right decisions.

Hire Cognitive Ability (600) EN


Assess 14 personality traits grouped under five major factors from the Big Five theory: openness, conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion and emotional stability.

Hire Personality (600) EN


Understand candidates' interests and values to assess their compatibility with your working conditions and equip yourself with levers to attract the best.

Hire Preferences (600) EN – 1

Sustainability Values

Find out which candidates are making choices based on their values. Assess the importance they place on economic, environmental, and social factors to ensure a fit with your organizational culture and values.

Hire Triple Bottom Line (600) EN

Additional features

Do it all with AtmanCo.

For the most comprehensive toolkit, access practical features that facilitate your recruitment process and enrich your candidate’s experience.

Personalized interview guides

Customized interview guides based on the positions to be filled and questions specifically based on competencies.

Competency Profiles

Different competency profiles to determine if the candidate has the skills and potential for management, sales, professional or technical jobs.

Potential Assessment

An overview of the candidate's natural skills to excel in more specific challenges, and even those they will need to develop to achieve their career ambitions.

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Always there to support you.

Our experts are always there to support you in your recruitment efforts to hire the best candidates. We’re here to share our expertise so that you become 100% autonomous with AtmanCo.

Profile Interpretation

Profile Interpretation

Get a detailed interpretation of a psychometric profiles with our experts.



Become an AtmanCo-certified power user and learn how to interpret results accurately and effectively.

Potential Evaluation

Candidates Potential Evaluation

Get a comprehensive evaluation of candidates for high-level, high-impact positions.