4 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Psychometric Test

Choosing a psychometric test can be a difficult choice. This article explain the 4 things to consider before deciding which test is right for your business.


Christine Chartrand

VP Consulting Services

Monday, July 07, 2014


With social media and web-based trends in full force, it is now easier than ever to search online for a number of assessments, including psychometric tests. Although just about anyone with a computer can access information about these questionnaires, not all psychometric tests are created equal!

For example, many psychometric tests, specifically personality assessments, are offered free and without scientific support, which can yield inaccurate results. Others cost an arm and a leg and generate results that only a hired professional could interpret.

There are however psychometric tests that can meet all your needs. Here are a few things to consider before choosing a psychometric test.

1. Reliability and validity

When selecting a psychometric test for your organization, it is important that the test be scientifically validated and reliable. In other words, it should consistently produce similar results and scientifically measure what it is intended to measure.

There are many, for lack of a better word, “amateur” psychometric tests out there that have no research to back them up. This will create a lack of precision and dependency, as well as fail to be representative of the population at large. Therefore, choose a tool that has taken the time to embark on the grueling process of scientific validity, and where conclusions are backed up by experiment as oppose to chance.

When searching for a psychometric test, do not hesitate to ask suppliers about their scientific validity and if they are up to date with their study in order to keep with research trends and accuracy. How and when was the study conducted? Who collaborated and what were their qualifications? What was the sample size and demographic? You have a right to know what theories the results derived from and what was done to ensure their credibility.

2. Money and time invested

What is your budget and how much time are you willing to invest in implementing a psychometric test into your organization? Are you evaluating only a few candidates or are you looking for an unlimited access?

Some test suppliers can be very pricey, while others are free, but i would suggest steering away from the free ones, especially when you are using a psychometric test to predict performance within your organization. You do not want to take a chance on an assessment that may not be backed up by reliable and reputable sources. Those are more for fun than business use.

There are however psychometric tests that are very reasonably priced. Sometimes there are added costs associated to consulting services and interpretations of results, but in the end, implementing one in your business does not have to be complicated, it can even be quite simple and cost-effective.

Your return on investment (ROI) will be positive since you will be able to align the right people to the right positions based on their strengths and innate potential. This will lead to less turnovers and more motivated and successfull employees.

Integrating the administrative test platform in your recruitment process or organizational development may require additional costs, and being certified in using the product may demand a certain minimal charge, but I assure you that uncovering one’s personality traits and natural reflexes is priceless.

Investing in a reliable and effective psychometric test will be money well spent. But choose wisely!

3. User-friendly platform

When researching psychometric tests, one might assume that navigating through the test platform will be confusing and require a lot of time and energy. I assure you not all operating systems are complicated. AtmanCo’s user-friendly and autonomous platform can make even the most computer illiterate feel at ease.

With everything these days being web-based, it is imperative that psychometric tests be accessible online, with algorithms and additional components already integrated and right at your fingertips. The world has become very fast-paced, and you must not waste a minute in your process of recruitment or evaluating your team.

Autonomy may also be an important factor. Many companies appreciate having their own employees administering tests and viewing results instead of always relying on the supplier to manage their psychometric test account. AtmanCo gives their clients complete independence, but with their continuous support and training when needed.

There is also the option of personalizing a client’s account to meet their unique needs and appearance. If confidentiality is your concern, you can rest assured that AtmanCo’s platform was created to give specific authorizations to users, therefore limiting their access to certain results, or allowing for complete access.

4. Interpretation of results

It is important to choose a psychometric test that is easy to interpret but not at the detriment of its precision and dependability. You do not want to invest more time and money on hiring a professional to come in and interpret your tests every time. You want to be able to understand results and apply them without delay.

Reports can also get confusing, with all their fancy pie-charts, graphs and scientific lingo. Find a psychometric test that yields results that are easy to compare one candidate to another, and that uses a language that can be understood by someone without a psychology degree.

Too many reports leave clients saying “now what”, basically stating a person’s tendencies without giving any advice. Picking a psychometric test that generates results that are already in a coaching mode will facilitate your understanding and give you tools to build a developmental plan accordingly.

And if these results are derived from a scientifically validated test, and generated instantaneously from a user-friendly platform, you have yourself a winning combination!

Choosing a psychometric test does not have to be complicated.

See how the Atman Test is the psychometric test that meets all your necessary requirements for success !

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