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Why become AtmanCo certified?

To help you become a star within your organization, of course!

Complete AtmanCo’s certifications and become the best HR business partner your organization has ever had!

AtmanCo certification

How does it work?

AtmanCo’s Certification has two levels, each of which requiring a one-day training session with one of our awesome HR Consultants.

The certification can be administered in 3 ways to accommodate all of our clients:

  • You come to us
  • We come to you
  • Through video-conferencing

Certification Level 1

AtmanCo Certification level 1

What does it include?

The training session will coach the designated personnel on the use of the Atman test and its components, how to interpret the assessed personality dimensions, as well as identifying combinations of the different dimensions and their impact on an individual’s behavior. The session also provides the trainees with information on how to comprehensively use and capitalize on the capabilities of our user-friendly platform.

AtmanCo’s Level 1 Certification is ideal for individuals looking to use Atman’s psychometric solutions for:

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Employee integration and onboarding
  • Conflict resolution
  • Improve communication
AtmanCo Certification level 1

AtmanCo’s Certifications can turn you into a valuable business partner that your organization can’t be without.

Certification Level 2

AtmanCo Certification level 1

What does it include?

AtmanCo’s Level 2 Certification is designed for expert users of Atman’s psychometric solutions who are looking to go further in the development of their human capital.

This level of certification is ideal for individuals looking to use Atman’s psychometric solutions for:

  • Organizational development
  • Succession planning and leadership
  • Team building
  • Employee engagement
  • Change management
AtmanCo Certification level 1


If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, just contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

1. What is the length of one certification session?

Each certification session requires a full day (i.e. eight (8) hours), including a 1-hour lunch break. If the training is delivered in-person, the full session will be completed in the same day. However, if you choose to have it delivered through video-conferencing, the session will be divided over a few days to optimize the transfer of knowledge (see question 3 for more details).

2. How is the training delivered?

The training can be delivered in two different ways; in person (public or private), or through video-conferencing (private only). If it is done in person, you may choose to come to our offices, or have our HR Consultant come to yours, and the training is completed over the course of the day. If you choose to have the training delivered through video-conferencing, then we recommend splitting the training over 2 or 3 days to optimize the transfer of knowledge (i.e. 3.5 hours per day over 2 days, or approximately 2.5 hours per day over 3 days).

3. What does a certification session include?

Each certification session includes a Participant Manual. If the certification is done in our offices, AtmanCo also provides complimentary Breakfast, Coffee, Lunch, and Snacks.

4. Who gives the training session?

One of our certified HR Consultants delivers the training.

5. What is the price of one certification session?

The pricing of one certification session varies depending on your choice. If you choose to come to our offices and participate in one of our Mixed certification sessions, where several professional gather from different organizations, then the price would be 650 CAD per participant (see available dates here). Alternatively, you may choose to opt for a Private certification session, where the session is delivered to personnel from your organization only, then the price would be a total of 1,900 CAD for up to 6 participants (contact us to book your private certification session).

6. What is the difference between Levels 1 and 2?

The Level 1 Certification is designed for new AtmanCo users, and includes training on the Atman test, its dimensions, its additional components, and the platform. Level 1 is ideal for organizations looking to use the AtmanCo solution for recruitment and selection, employee integration and onboarding, conflict resolution, and improving communication. The Level 2 Certification is designed for more experienced users of AtmanCo, and trains individuals on how to use AtmanCo’s solutions for major HR interventions, such as organization development, team management, succession planning, and change management.

7. Can I complete Level 2 without having done Level 1?

We recommend that you always go through Certification Level 1 before proceeding on to Level 2. However, if you believe you are comfortable enough with AtmanCo’s psychometric test, its dimensions, and additional components, then you may opt for Level 2 without having gone through Level 1.