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Grow your career, your teams, and organization by becoming an expert user of AtmanCo. With our certifications, the interpretation of psychometric results will no longer hold any secrets.

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Become an AtmanCo expert user by attending a certification session that examines the evaluations, its science, its features, and its utility. Gain a deeper understanding of your selection process, integration, and the development of your resources by learning to interpret psychometric results like an expert.

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Coralia Raducea

Human Resources Consultant at GoRH

The AtmanCo certification is a real interactive experience where you understand how to better interpret the people you work with every day.

The Essentials

The Fundamentals of Psychometrics & AtmanCo

Improve your understanding of your candidates’ and employees’ profiles to increase the effectiveness of your interventions. Learn to identify the best methods and strategies to meet your employees’ needs and how to significantly increase the performance of your teams.

What you will get from it

Understand the scientific approach of the AtmanCo assessment and solution.

Analyze the general cognitive ability, the 14 personality dimensions, the 10 organizational preferences, the triple bottom line, and all the resulting competencies.

Interpret psychometric profiles and define its results main characteristics.

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