The best building blocks for talent management.

Explore the double-sided power of AtmanCo’s competencies that combine innate, untapped skills with actual, learned abilities and how they can be leveraged to take your people and organization to the next level.

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By getting to know our employees better and seeing what they are most comfortable with naturally, we are now building on their strengths.

Léandre Audet, President

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Assess and develop every competency you could ever need.

We’ve worked with hundreds of organizations and scientific researchers to build a complete library of competencies.

Sample Competencies Assessment

Download a sample competencies assessment and see how it can help you hire, lead, and grow great talent.

Hire, Lead, & Grow

Leveraging competencies across your company

Regardless of the person, position, company type, or context, competencies are the core to success at work, and we have everything you need for every step of the way.

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Natural talents are the secret to better hiring decisions

Make better hiring decisions for today and for tomorrow by revealing what can’t be seen on a resume. Uncover innate, natural competencies that you can leverage to hire your next superstar.

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Complete your team with complementary competencies

You can’t expect everyone to do everything. Exceptional teams are those that have skills and abilities that complement one another to create the ultimate squad.

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Focus on observed behaviours to hone in critical competencies

Build development plans that propel your people to target, assess, and grow the skills and behaviours they need to flourish with (and within) your organizations.

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Customize your competencies to fit you.

No two organizations are alike. AtmanCo’s experts have over 30 years of experience supporting companies in pinpointing the skills and abilities that make them who they are. We can do the same for you.

Built for people. Backed by science.

AtmanCo’s competencies are subjected to scientific validation by researchers recognized in the field of psychometrics and organizational psychology.