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Discover the science behind the data and dig deeper into how AtmanCo always takes its science the extra mile.

Unique Approach

Taking our Science the extra mile

Taking a unique stance through forward-thinking formulas that combine the strengths of multiple innovative approaches.

Approach to Psychometrics

Conducted according to the most stringent requirements and integrated with the most recognized scientific foundations.

Approach to Artificial Intelligence

Revalidated results and business rules in an AI-based learning environment unique to each organization.

Approach to Competencies

Built on accurate algorithms and predictive models to accurately assess competencies and their correlation with job performance.

The 3-step model behind our psychometrics

Continuously validated by independent researchers, we use industry-recognized best practices and foundations of today's science.

Our questionnaires are based on theoretical models confirmed by statistical methods that identify the dimensions associated with our questions.


Using multiple proven statistical methods to ensure that our tests and solutions are scientifically valid.

Internal Consistency : Proven statistical method to ensure a positive relationship between our questions and criteria.

Test-Retest : Industry-standard method to validate that results are stable and reliable over time.

Using multiple proven statistical methods to ensure that our tests and solutions are scientifically valid.

Criterion Validity : Our experimental protocols show that our cognitive ability questionnaire and certain scales of the personality inventory can distinguish and predict workers' overall performance.

Convergent Validity : Our process uses an additional layer of validity by comparing our questionnaires to numerous other evaluations that measure similar constructs.

What’s behind our competencies

Our competency framework is scientifically validated by a committee of evaluation and measurement experts to assess individual abilities and natural tendencies for specific behaviors.

Creating a descriptive analysis of measured competencies through definitions and observable behaviors.

Using descriptive analyses and input from a diverse committee of experts to determine the unique recipe of dimensions to measure each competency.

Correlating our competency framework with visible and recorded overall job performance across various industries in two separate studies.

AI for employee well-being and business performance

We believe that it is through the well-being of the employee that the company will have better results and performance. The AI's mission is to survey and grow the company, its managers, and its employees towards their full growth potential.

AI is called caring because its goal is to help managers become better in a concrete way. By providing the tools they need as leverage in their management challenges, and helping organizations make the right decisions to become more successful, caring AI is there every step of the way.

Pressure on managers : With the pressure that managers face today, they will be supported in making employees happier and more satisfied with a personalized approach to who they are, what they aspire to become, and what they need to unlock their true potential.

Feedback : Caring AI is always transmitted through concrete advice and constructive feedback to develop talents for a happier team overall.

Supervised by independent researchers and working with experts in artificial intelligence, we continuously uphold our ethical certification.

Best practices : At the heart of our practices, we respect the confidentiality of the data, our research methodology, and the means used to validate the hypotheses.

Creating good : Always keep in mind our will to do good, to make a difference, and to help both the company and the individual.

Today, the HR function has become one of the most strategic. AI provides the tools to better accomplish its strategic function, powered by ever evolving data. It allows the company to be more proactive and to be much more oriented in its decision making.

Essential data : More precision in strategic focus, more anticipation of the company's next challenges, new personalized recommendations adapted to the individual and the specifics of the organization; all are now made possible.

Blind spots : AI creates possibilities by identifying blind spots, correlations that are difficult to see at first sight, that leaders must foresee to stay on top of talent’s game.

6-Star Assessments

Compared with best practices in psychometric standards, our assessments have it all.

Scale Evaluation Process

Best practices


Testing the model's dimensions

Identyfying factors through exploratory factors analysis

Confirmatory factor analysis

Reliability testing

Internal consistency


Validity testing

Criterion validity

Concurrent validity

Construct validity

Convergent validity and comparison between groups


Highest Standards

On an ongoing mission to build the most accurate experience.


Built-in constructs measuring Social Desirability to identify and reduce bias


Privacy-by-design practices ensuring data protection and ethical use


Back-translation techniques ensuring our assessments validation in 6 languages

World-renowned researchers

Scientific validation process made in partnership with academic and independent researchers


The Impact of our Science

We tested it, we measured it, and here's what our clients have to say about the impact that AtmanCo’s science has had on their organizations.

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