Psychometric Tests : 5 Myths Demystified

You have your concerns about psychometric tests' efficiency? You might slightly change your opinion after reading this article!


Cindy Boisvert

Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Personality tests, more specifically psychometric tests, represent a growing and innovative approach to recruitment and organizational development in many organizations. With the popular effect this best practice is having on human capital development, several myths, objections, and explanations have been raised.

Here are five myths that you may have associated with the integration of such tests in your HR processes. The following will certainely please the skeptics out there (the level of skepticism is also a scale measured by one of the 11 dimensions of the Atman test)!

Myth # 1: I do not have time to plan and interpret these tests

We understand that time is a factor of key importance in any organization. Planning tests to assist in recruitment is a fast and extremely simple process. The understanding of psychometric tests’ reports that are well written will take you no more time to interpret than reading the candidate’s CV.

The compelling information about your candidate that you will find in the report will help you properly plan for the next steps of the recruitment process.

Our reality: The Atman test is completed in 30 minutes, on average, by the candidate. The results are instantly available in your inbox.

Myth # 2: I already know my team in place

We hope so! However, the addition of psychometric testing within your organizational development goes beyond the simple understanding of your team.

You can decrypt the dynamics of teams, understand the reactions to specific situations and flair out opportunities where you can capitalize on such and such people in your organization.

By performing cross-tabulations with the test results, you will be able to generate reliable performance indicators. You will get a valuable picture to improve the team’s performance by focusing on people’s strengths.

Our reality: With the Atman test, you can generate multiple reports with a single test (profile sales, management, complementarity report between individuals, job norm comparison, etc.) This will allow you to broaden your range of results without having to schedule anything else.

Myth # 3: I have a nose for the selection interview

And you must! But imagine if, in addition to having the divine intuition for the interviewed candidate, you held information that might be helpful in order to properly conduct the interview?

In addition to learned experience, people have values, interests and natural forces which you can question them on to better grasp and understand the person sitting before you.

This way, you can focus on the most suitable resources for optimal performance in a given situation without having to drain all their energy.

Our Reality: The Atman test will confirm if you really have divine powers!

Myth # 4: It’s too expensive

But still. Personality tests help you support your decisions in regards to whom to integrate into your team and maximize your chances of success and ensure collective harmony is being maintained. That said, you will ensure that you focus on those who will use their pure behavioral reflexes in their work.

In addition, psychometric tests initially had to be interpreted by people holding high studies in industrial psychology. Times have now changed, however, and these tools are now available at much more affordable rates, especially compared to the costs generated from turnover.

Our reality: The cost of an Atman Test compared to the costs of replacing an employee is far from being comparable and return on investment will be evidence in itself.

Myth #5 : I do not believe in it

It is the most difficult reason to deny. The belief is often a personal opinion or feeling, which therefore does not refer to an absolute truth.

Nevertheless, both for job applicants and for your internal team, using psychometric tests will allow you to have a beneficial and powerful tool in your hands. The results will not only be helpful to you, as an employer, but it will also offer feedback to your current and prospective employees.

Our reality: More than 300 organizations have schedule Atman tests for a current or prospective member of their organization.

And your reality…

What is it? The best way to help you wipe these myths out of your mind would be to invite you to schedule a test for a candidate or a person already in your organization, wouldn’t you say?

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