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On a single platform, developing the competencies of your teams has never been easier. Combine natural talents with observable behaviours to rocket your employees to new heights.

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We have created teams according to the personalities of each person and according to the expertise they would like to develop.

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Setting up

Everything to build your development plan, in one place.

Assemble your teams

Create profiles of your different teams to develop, including managers and employees.

Grow Build Teams

Define your culture

Select the key competencies related to your organization's values and company culture.

Grow Build Cultures

Create your positions

Select the competencies associated with the different positions you wish to include in your development plan.

Grow Build Jobs

Individual competencies

Add or modify competencies identified by the manager for distinctive, targeted employee profiles.

Grow Personalize

Our Approach

Competencies, a world to discover.

A unique approach, focused on both the assessment of observed behaviours and the evaluation of natural potential of employees through psychometrics.

Grow Competencies (360) EN

60+ competencies at your fingertips

From a comprehensive library of scientifically validated skills, select the ones that are most relevant to your company, your culture, and your jobs.

Grow Subcompetencies (360) EN

150+ sub-competencies to grow your team

Associated with each skill, be even more specific in your analysis and your choices to develop your talents.

Grow Observables Behaviors (360) EN

500+ observable behaviors in the field

Help your managers and employees be action-oriented by targeting the strengths and competencies that need the most attention.


Assessments that get you to the heart of effective development.

Enable a richer exchange and employee experience that is committed to professional development. AtmanCo allows you to assess performance from both the employee and the manager's perspective to guide discussions towards results.


Give your employees the chance to assess their own competencies through self-assessment questionnaires that focus on observable behaviours.

Grow Self Assessment

Manager Evaluation

Equip your managers with revealing evaluation questionnaires to enable maximum interaction with their team members.

Grow Manager Assessment

Competency Overview

Get a complete assessment and revealing insights that identify the best competencies and those that are less mastered.

Grow Competency Overview

Guided 1-on-1 Meetings

Guide your employees and managers through a discussion to clarify each other's perceptions for a fair assessment. The tool allows your managers to have effective conversations with a synthetic view of the employee's strengths, and the elements less mastered.

Grow 1 On1s

Development Plan

The right competencies to put into action.

Create a development plan designed to ensure maximum performance, motivation, and engagement, but also designed to foster greater fulfillment and happiness at work.

Grow Fulfillment(600) EN

Innate competencies

Leveraging natural talents with psychometrics

Select the competencies that represent natural talents to guide your employees to their full potential and get personalized recommendations to foster:

  • Professional growth
  • Career development
  • Contribution to the team and the organization
Grow Development (600) EN

Targeted sub-competencies

Pinpoint the exact area for development

Gain exceptional accuracy in targeting opportunities for improvement by assessing and analyzing the sub-competencies that need it most.

Grow Objectives EN

Strategic objectives

Create an action plan to develop and unlock your employees’ full potential

Offer development plans with tips, practical applications, reflections, and actionable advice. For each specific characteristic and targeted competency, the platform generates a strategic objective and concrete means to achieve it.

Grow Resources) EN

Resource Library

Get personalized recommendations

Grow with expert advice and learning resources available at your fingertips. Your managers and employees will have everything they need to shine and grow within your organization.

  • Books & Articles
  • Courses & Trainings
  • Podcasts & Videos
  • ...and much more


Always there to support you.

Our team of experts is there to support you in the creation of your competency development program and in your efforts to perfect it.



Get certified in our competency development module to become a power user and learn how to deliver the most effective development programs.

Project Setup

Project Setup

Let our experts guide you in the implementation of your competency development projects. We will help you set up the foundations to ensure the highest impact.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Better understand your teams and managers’ leadership style to propel their development. Access customized training sessions to increase self-awareness, stimulate collaboration, and achieve the most effective development plans.