Employee Recruitment and Selection: How AtmanCo Can Help

Employee recruitment and selection can be time consuming and costly. Here's how AtmanCo can help you make sure you make the RIGHT choice!


Leen Sawalha

VP Product & Growth

Thursday, August 07, 2014


The recruitment and selection of employees is arguably the most prominent function of human resources management. All organizations are looking for their new “talent”, and are counting on their HR management team to find them.

But of course it’s never quite as easy as just “finding” them; employee recruitment and selection can be a difficult and costly process, and not only that, but it is also one most prone to mistakes!

The one thing that is more costly than your employee recruitment and selection process is the cost of a bad hire.

Here’s a few pointers on how AtmanCo can help put you under the spotlight as “recruiter of the year”!

1- AtmanCo supports you in your employee recruitment

The first step in the process is generating a pool of candidates for the position who are, hopefully, qualified for the job. Recruiters can tell you what a tedious task it is filing through resumes of unqualified candidates. So how do you make sure you are generating a good pool of candidates? By having the right job posting!

It is critical that you know what you are looking for in an employee; not only in terms of their knowledge and skills, but also in terms of their personality. One way AtmanCo can help in the recruitment stage is by helping you identify what it is you are looking for in terms of your candidate’s personality.

By using one of 200+ pre-established job norms, or by using your current employees as the baseline, AtmanCo allows you to determine the type of person who would be best for the position.

We can compare an individual’s profile to those norms and get a percentage of his/her probability to succeed. Based on the results of top performers from numerous companies in various industries, the norms highlight the characteristics of the “ideal” profile and then compare that to your candidate’s profile.

After identifying the qualities and characteristics you seek for the position in question, you will be able to produce a better job posting and, ultimately, a better selection pool.

2- Atmanco guides you in your selection process

After having generated your applicant pool, it is time to narrow the selection down. There are many components to the screening process which differ from one organization to the next, but generally consist of the initial filtering of resumes, telephone interviews, more filtering of resumes, in-person interviews, and reference checks.

As you can already tell, that is quite a time-consuming process, and that’s only for one position! And of course, the more time anything takes, the more money is being spent. And what if, after all this time and effort, you still get it wrong? It is for this exact reason that organizations are looking to their HR team to invest in tools that would make their employee selection better and more efficient. AtmanCo can do that, and here’s how.

AtmanCo can ensure you are looking for the right person, and being specific about it. Considering a candidate’s thinking structure, motivation, leadership, sociability, and resistance to stress ensures that you are looking for the right person for the job.

The Atman test report includes an individual’s result on 11 bi-polar dimensions that are grouped into 5 sections:

  • Thinking structure
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Sociability
  • Resistance to stress.

AtmanCo can not only help you find the person with those traits, but it can also tell you what they are. An analysis of the position-to-be-filled, the organization, the coworkers, and the working environment allows AtmanCo to pinpoint the desired characteristics of an individual.

3- AtmanCo ensures the “fit” of it all!

It is crucial that the person you hire has the good “fit” you are looking for; and we don’t just mean for the position. Not only does the employee need to have the right knowledge and skills required for the job to be successful, but they also need to fit with the organization, their manager, and their team.

But how can you ensure such a fit, especially when you barely know them? This decision is one of the most difficult that recruiters face when trying to choose the best candidate. Not only do you rarely have enough information to make such a decision, but it is also impossible to be able to do it subjectively and without bias.

AtmanCo’s psychometric test, along with our many solutions based on the psychometric test results, can provide you with this information and help you make better, more objective decisions on whether or not the candidate has the desired traits and characteristics to fit with your organization.

For example, if your organization’s mission, values, and success rely on teamwork and collaboration, instead of on competitiveness and individual success, then a team-oriented person is more suitable than a results-oriented one since your organization is providing them with the proper motivational factor to success.

Once completed, AtmanCo’s psychometric test produces an instantaneous and automatic report on its user-friendly, technologically-advanced platform.

And lastly, it is pertinent to ensure that your candidate has a good fit with their immediate supervisor and their coworkers. Conflict and clashing personalities are one of the largest causes of unsuccessful performance.

With AtmanCo, you will not only be able to anticipate these conflicts, but also identify their cause and proactively avoid them.

Assess your candidates, their coworkers, and especially their managers to ensure threat of conflict is minimized.

Employee recruitment and selection is quite tricky; but it doesn’t have to be. Investing in assessment tools can help your processes be more effective and efficient.

Study your organizational needs and check out how AtmanCo’s psychometric test and its solutions can help you achieve your goals and objectives.

In fact, why not try the test and see for yourselves!

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