The Compatibility Report: an Essential Tool for your Teams

The compatibility report is a key tool to understanding what makes a team successful and dynamic. Find out why in this article!

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Cindy Boisvert

Friday, August 15, 2014


Let’s face it: there are certain coworkers who we have more professional affinities with than others, and whom we prefer to work with. Precisely, collaboration problems create serious waste of time and energy and can lead to conflict.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of teams, it is essential to consider the knowledge and skills of each individual, but more importantly, the level of compatibility between them. Why is it that some people are more productive and collaborative together, while others are not?

To understand what makes a duo or a team successful, here are some reasons illustrating why the compatibility report is an essential tool to improve the dynamics of your team!

What is the compatibility report?

The compatibility report is based on the results of two people’s psychometric tests. The compatibility report presents, at first, a grid of the duo’s compatibility, which allows you to quickly see the possible issues, if there are any.

It includes valuable advice, specific to each individual, in order to improve performance, work dynamics, integration and cooperation between individuals, based on the similarities and differences in their personalities.

What’s the purpose of the compatibility report?

Understand the work dynamic

There are many signs that might indicate poor group-work dynamic, and groups composed of only two individuals are at no less risk. Quite the contrary, when many people form a group, a majority can settle the debate … but when your team is only composed of two people? How do you determine who is right?

You have already realized that by capitalizing on the talents, skills, knowledge and strengths of one of your employees, you are on the right track to organizational success. But when it comes to pairing two individuals (whether two colleagues at the same hierarchical level, or any manager and their employee), it is essential to evaluate the dynamics that will prevail in the duo.

This is what the compatibility report is all about. While considering the personality traits of each person, it clearly illustrates how group dynamics will take effect among your duo, and will also tell you which two had better not been paired!

After all, personality is the most powerful tool you have!

Recognize the strengths of a pair

Have you ever looked at a road map? Possibly! And you probably were able to make sense of it. Now, what if you were driving your car? Wouldn’t you say that having a co-pilot who does it for you would slightly help?

For your employees working in teams, it’s the same thing. You might be faced with two ultra-talented individuals, each having different strengths and working relatively well alone. But when it comes to pairing them as a team for a project, or even on a daily basis, you will be very happy to have the compatibility report at hand.

The report will focus on the personality traits of your employees that will tend to be more harmonious in order to help you form a working duo that will be as optimal as possible!

Being armed with constructive advice for everyone

Think again: the perfect duo among your employees does not exist. Even if two individuals have the most amazing professional affinities, there are those everyday situations that may, in the long run, tire one of the team members out.

The compatibility report is expressed in a constructive coaching mode, and will allow you to get a better diagnosis in order to understand each of the individual’s behaviors and natural reflexes, and therefore, maximize their collaboration.

Even when compatibility is at its best, indicating that the natural strengths of the team you have formed are unlikely to be major sources of conflict, you will be armed with an effective tool to which you might refer to if a conflict should indeed arise.

You will undoubtedly possess a winning combination, and will have everyone completely tricked: you will be perceived as the master creative team-builder!

Raise red flags!

The volcano may already be erupting, and you might just not know it yet.

Some conflicting personality traits listed in the compatibility report could show that your employees have very opposing needs for certain aspects. On the other hand, some personality traits may be associated with great potential for friction, given the hostility associated with their common weaknesses.

The compatibility report will allow you to pay particular attention to the most “dangerous” personality traits in order to be able to identify potential sources of conflict and learn how to create harmonious and effective collaboration!

You’ll be a better manager if you are able to prevent possible conflicts, or know exactly how to effectively deal with them!

How is it beneficial to my organization?

Benefits for everyone… literally

By ensuring optimal collaboration among members, you will be able to motivate your employees and create a pleasant working environment. And a good working environment means many things: increased employee engagementemployee retention, lower turnover rate and costs, improved mental health… and the list goes on and on.

Better yet! The benefits of the compatibility report can be applied directly to you and the staff you manage, or even your colleagues.

Not only does the report provide effective complementary pairing of employees and optimal performances of the duo, but you will lower your management costs by limiting potential conflicts.

After duos: trios, quartets, etc.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking: “my teams are not made up of only two people!”

Don’t your worry: the compatibility report can be useful beyond two individuals, with a team analysis! This analysis will be an overview of your entire team in order for you to understand the dynamics of your group through each of its members!

You will be able to exponentially increase the effectiveness of your workforce.

Whether it is through the compatibility report for two people, or a team analysis for a larger group, these tools are essential to both you and your team!

Understanding how an individual is built, their strengths and natural behavioral reflexes, what comes more naturally to them, how they will react naturally to certain situations, etc. is already a strong foundation for the development of your human capital.

Applying this knowledge to more than one person on your team will only increase your chances of success.

As the popular saying states: one is good, but two is better!

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