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Stand out from the crowd by partnering with the most advanced tools and analytics available.

Add one of the most scientifically-sound psychometric solutions to your arsenal to enhance the relevance of your interventions and introduce an additional revenue stream to your services.

Are we a good fit?

Whether you’re self-employed or part of a firm, if you’re looking to set your services apart from the competition by providing exceptional selection and development services, then an AtmanCo Partnership is for you.

Our partnership program is ideal for:

Sales Consultants

Our psychometric platform is exceptionally responsive to the challenges associated with the “Sales” reality. Use our smart psychometric data to better diagnose a sales team and analyze their potential. Find sales candidates that have strong sales competencies and the ideal profile for every unique sales environment.

Recruitment & Selection Consultants

Combine innovation and efficiency with AtmanPro’s smart psychometric analytics. Associate yourself with one of the most advanced and scientifically valid tests on the market, and watch your time-to-fill and turnover rates drop to an all-time low. Access to invaluable resources and exceptional support are also part of the package.

Training & Development Consultants

Add validity and accuracy to your services by integrating smart psychometric analytics into your interventions. Scientifically validated by independent researchers, the AtmanPro methodology leads in identifying ideal learning structures, as well as developing soft skills and competencies.

Team Building & Performance Consultants

Use one of the most innovative, smart, and scientifically solid psychometric platform on the market. An Atman Partnership means you get access to valid, predictive analytics that build better teams, diagnose performance issues, and optimize team-related interventions. A library of resources and exceptional support are also part of the package.


Stand out in a crowded market by offering more than just another psychometric test. Differentiate yourself by offering smart psychometric analytics, packaged in an easy-to-use, autonomous platform. Join our network of resellers to access high-quality products, invaluable resources, and exceptional support.

The AtmanPro Difference

We’re not just another psychometric test – we’re a smart psychometric platform powered by accurate, precise, and reliable analytics.

Choosing to partner up with AtmanCo comes with its own set of perks:

Value-Add Analytics

Take your services and offerings to the next level by accessing psychometric data, revealing underlying behaviors, and providing actionable advice.

Resources Galore

Get access to marketing material and support that will ensure your success. We’ll always be there with first-class service to help you shine.


Associate yourself with one of the smartest, most scientifically sold psychometric platforms on the market – validated by independent researchers.

We’re ready to partner with the best.