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Assessment Cognitive Ability (600) EN

Cognitive Ability

Trust the best predictor of performance.

Recognized by the scientific community as the best predictor of job performance, AtmanCo’s Cognitive Ability Test helps you achieve a better job fit by measuring numerical, deductive, verbal, analog, and orientational skills.

5 cognitive skills

54 questions

Timed assessment

Maximum duration of 17 minutes

Assessment Personality (600) EN


Understand the personality of your people.

Measuring 14 personality traits, AtmanCo’s assessment evaluates an individual's reflexes, natural tendencies, and behavioural disposition to various situations and challenges. Target how employees empower themselves in their positions, teams, and environments to create a match with their unique personalities.

5 factors and 14 personality scales

60 questions

Untimed assessment

Average length of 12 minutes

Assessment Preferences (600) EN

Organizational Preferences

Identify basic needs and preferences.

Check if the interests and values of your candidates and employees are well aligned with the environment and culture that your organization offers. A better understanding of the motivational levers allows you to mobilize and engage your teams more effectively. You can also uncover incompatible aspects or target critical elements that could be the difference between great performance and turnover.

11 organizational preferences

50 questions

Untimed assessment

Average length of 8 minutes

Assessment Triple Bottom Line (600) EN

Sustainability Values

Make sure your values are aligned.

Measure the importance an employee places on sustainable development, profitability, and social and environmental impact. Gain access to valuable information that allows you to target those engaged by your values, your culture, your mission, and your footprint on the world.

3 sustainability value scales

31 questions

Untimed evaluation

Average length of 6 minutes

Assessments Learning Mode (600) EN (1)

Learning Style

Deliver your best learning strategies.

Align your onboarding, training, and development strategies so they correspond to your talent’s learning style. Evaluating learning profiles provides your teams and leaders with valuable clues to the best methods for acquiring, processing, and retaining new knowledge.

2 learning styles

10 questions

Untimed evaluation

Average length of 2 minutes

Psychometric Solutions

We’re so much more than just another psychometric test.

An all-in-one platform conceived to respond to your hiring, leadership, and talent development challenges.

Built for people. Backed by science.

AtmanCo’s assessments and methodology are validated by independent researchers recognized in the field of psychometrics and organizational psychology. Learn more about AtmanCo’s scientific validation process, its foundations, and its steps.

Increase performance through competencies.

By considering cognitive ability and personality traits, gain insight into a person's natural potential to various competencies, and how to be more successful in their role.

Discover the best psychometric assessment

to boost performance and foster happiness at work.