Simplify your Understanding of Personalities

Turn complex psychometric data into easy-to-understand personality styles that your whole team will love.

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Personality Styles

Unveil your team's unique personality styles

Reveal people's characteristics and true strengths to give your teams the best chance of success.

Component 642 – 2191 (2)
The Driver

They are bold, courageous, enthusiastic, and are not afraid of risk. Their strength of character stands out in the face of hardship and adversity.

Component 642 – 2194 (1)
The Caring

They naturally perceive the needs and problems of the people around them. They care and want to make a difference. They often leave a positive impression on people they encounter.

Component 642 – 2195 (1)
The Creative

They are not afraid to innovate and do things differently. They propose solutions that are outside the box. They like to experiment and explore far and wide from the beaten path.

Component 642 – 2192 (1)
The Rigorous

They are tenacious and do not easily get discouraged by efforts that require accuracy and perseverance. Precise and methodical, they see the order amidst the chaos.

Component 642 – 2193 (1)
The Ambassador

They naturally enjoy developing new relationships. They like to be in contact with new people from which they gain energy. They have the talent to attract the attention of an interlocutor or a group.

Component 642 – 2196 (1)
The Investigator

They are eager to understand phenomena and to go further in their research based on a method or processes. They are constantly seeking to analyze in depth and make connections.

Explore the Personality Styles

Get a more detailed view of the different personality styles available, their characteristics, and behavior profiles.

Benefits for HR

Mobilize your teams

Easily reveal people's characteristics and natural tendencies to put into action the right talents.

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Facilitate team building workshops

Become empowered in your organization by mentoring your leaders and strengthening your teams.

Empower your leaders

Arm your leaders with the tools they need to better manage their teams.

Build a common vocabulary between HR and Leaders

Develop a shared vocabulary between HR and leaders and make your communication more effective.

Benefits for Leaders

Lead your people

Find out how your team’s personality styles can help your leadership.

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Take your leadership to new heights

With greater self-awareness, you'll be in an outstanding position to understand how to match your style with that of each member of your team.

Understand your team like never before

Get concrete, actionable advice on how to best lead, motivate, and engage the different personality styles on your team.

Build & lead the dream team

Find out how your team’s personality styles fit together and how they can complement each other to become something greater than the sum of its parts.

Benefits for employees

Engage your superpower

Know yourself and others better by discovering the impacts of your personality on your organization.

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Look inward and discover where your strengths lie

Our biggest assets are all too often hidden right under our noses. Uncover and harness them on your journey to self-mastery.

Learn to find Self-Balance

By understanding and accepting your strengths and challenges, you’ll be better equipped to develop your future and achieve your goals.

Bridge the gap between powerful opposites

Find out how to create common ground between opposite personality types to discover innovative ideas, better work angles, and achieve more impactful and honest communication.

Animate the most effective Team Building with Personality Styles

We offer you an exclusive training on how to use the Atman Styles in your next team building activities.


The Science behind it

The complex science behind a simplified tool.

Profile Interpretation

Personality assessment

Assess the reflexes, natural tendencies, and behavioral disposition of an individual in various situations to promote their development, boost performance, and foster happiness at work.

Potential Evaluation

Learning mode assessment

Analyze how your employees prefer to learn. Understanding their preferred way of acquiring new skills enhances the developmental process.


Scientific validation

Our assessments and methodology are validated by independent researchers recognized in the field of psychometrics and organizational psychology.

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