HR Software: Why Should you Choose a Cloud Solution?

Will you go the way of the cloud with your HR software? Here are a few reasons that will surely convince you to do so!

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Stephan Poirier

Wednesday, November 05, 2014


The cloud is the new way to provide an infrastructure, platform, and/or application, for self-service or for a third party. Due to the growing demand, the cloud now reaches far beyond other software solutions pertaining to typical technology. For example, in human resources, an ever growing number of companies choose HR software that are hosted in the cloud rather than in-house. Needless to say, it’s a very good idea!

Here are a few reasons that explain why this transition is important, and why you should probably opt for cloud HR software for your company.

Cloud HR software: for budget control

The majority of the big HR software companies now offer a part – if not the entirety – of their solutions in the cloud. Whether it is Oracle, SAP, Workday, or Cornerstone, they have all followed the cloud-computing route.

For the majority of computing projects, there always seems to be a grey zone which makes budget control rather difficult. Having deployed different HR software throughout my career, I can guarantee that cloud solutions are by far the best way to plan and control your budget.

Annual or monthly costs are known in advance and can be adjusted according to your needs and to consumption pattern throughout the year. Hence, you don’t need to anticipate any expenses related to equipment or internal use (infrastructure and resources).

Turnkey HR software

When doing business with a company offering cloud HR software, you can quickly be up and running with a solution that specifically meets your needs. Moreover, you will no longer need to worry about software deployments or updates with this solution: everything will be done smoothly and invisibly, and you will be able to benefit from evolutionary software that is available at all times.

Once you have chosen your HR software, the only aspect you need to worry about is the integration of your own internal HR processes into the new software!

HR software: a more than affordable investment

Cloud solutions allow SMEs to obtain reputable and well-performing solutions that they may have never been able to afford before. The supplier is in charge of all the aspects pertaining to the infrastructure, deployment, and data security. Hence, your organization does not need to call on internal or external resources in order to implement such a system, which considerably reduces the initial investment.

In all simplicity and mobility

Implementing cloud HR software will allow your employees to work from anywhere, provided they have Internet access. And we know that, nowadays, this mobility can considerably help achieve a better work-life balance for your employees.

Moreover, mobility is one of the factors that improve productivity, all while reducing stress, since there are no physical barriers that can hinder the completion of a job!

Improve your organization’s competitiveness

For SMEs, the cloud is an important element that can allow them to compete with bigger companies because they can use the same technology, all while respecting their budgets.

For bigger companies, choosing the cloud is endorsed by many big names such as Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, and Google, and is considered an essential element to remain competitive.

For the companies who already have computer-related services at their disposal, cloud solutions are an even more obvious choice, as well as a huge advantage, since they already have the necessary resources in order to plan and integrate the new solution with the pre-existing systems.

Adapts to your existing solutions

In order to allow you to continue to benefit from the different internal software that you use on a daily basis, some HR software have a pre-designed interface that allows your applications to “talk to each other”.

APIs (Application Programming Interface) define how certain software components interact with one another.

Today, these APIs are a must in cloud software because it allows you to communicate with different systems already in place in your organization, and therefore allows for a better integration of new software.

Once you have made your choice concerning your HR software, make sure that the chosen solution will be open and flexible enough to communicate with external systems to avoid additional costs and worries!

Peace of mind

In order to ease your mind, it is essential to choose a solution that will guarantee you a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure that is constantly evolving. In addition to its technology, HR software has to be safe and well-established in order to guarantee your peace of mind.

The data contained in your HR software is extremely confidential, but you can rest assured knowing that it is completely safe. What’s more, you won’t have to plan for the next backup – the cloud takes care of it for you!

With the amount of lost, stolen, or pilfered computer hardware each year, HR software safely hosted in the cloud is protected from those stressful situations, and ensures that your data is safely and readily available at all times.

Choosing cloud HR software has its consequences! You can save time, resources, and money, but it can have the opposite effect if you are not careful. When the time comes for you to choose the organization you will work with to implement your new HR software, make an informed decision to avoid unnecessary extra expenses.

Do not hesitate to ask for a free trial or for a demonstration of the different software in order to check the quality, performance, and user-friendliness of the system. It’s by asking questions that you can make the right decision for your organization!

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