5 Reasons Why Personality at Work is Important

Personality at work: Not to be underestimated!

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Christine Chartrand

VP Consulting Services

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Let’s face it, when you are spending 8 hours a day with the same colleagues, it’s not really their experiences or education that will determine what type of relationships you will have with them…it’s their personalities!

These traits, or natural reflexes, that form an individual’s character are essential not only when predicting how people will interact and behave with one another, but also how they will fit with the tasks and responsibilities required for a position. Personality at work has never been more important, and here’s why:


It can help you motivate your employees

Sure, monetary incentives and perks can help uplift an employee’s spirits, but how long do you think that will last? If you knew what types of projects and work environments were linked to their innate drive, wouldn’t that mean more long-term motivation and happiness? I’ve seen service-oriented people demotivated in a competitive environment, despite being given bonuses and company cell phones, as well as managers with no managerial courage, unmotivated in their big corner offices.

Understanding personality at work means being one step closer to finding out what sources of demotivation may drive away your human capital.


It can reduce turnovers

An employee fit assessment can increase retention rates because it ensures your employees are built for the job, or at least have the innate potential to be successful. Utilising an employee assessment during your selection process will not only help you see all those things that are not so obvious in the interview, but also help you ask very pertinent interview questions unique to that individual.

And then voila, you are one step closer to identifying the right person for the position, and funneling through those that may find themselves swimming against the current in the long run. You will have their CVs, experiences and education, as well as your job descriptions and competences required, so why not finish off the puzzle with a personality test that can give you all angles.


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It can decrease conflicts and improve collaboration

When personalities clash, it can cause a ripple effect of destruction in your organization. It’s never fun to see two people go at it during a project, or hearing about why someone is upset with so-and-so for X reasons.

But what if you could predict which people might need to make more of an effort when working together and, more specifically, which personality dimensions could be the culprits in these conflicts so that you know what to work on? One of the many reasons personality at work is an important determinant of collaboration between your employees.

Disputes, cold-shoulders and resentments come from those personality incompatibilities between colleagues, and although other factors may influence conflicts such as poor management, stress, or the simple fact that you spend hours on end with these people that they are bound to get on your nerves at some point, there are tools at your disposal to help objectively pinpoint which characteristics of a duo need more fine-tuning in order for the relationship to work.


It can prevent burnouts

Do you know who among your employees are more susceptible to high nervous tension, episodes of low energy or unable to detach? Maybe there’s an employee that you’re concerned about because he is not performing at his normal standards, or maybe he seems unable to concentrate these days. If you were to find out his core personality, you may be surprised to find that all he needs is some positive reinforcement, or maybe he’s holding back some frustrations for fear of causing conflict.

Either way, the first step is knowing. Once you know this personality at work, then you can take the necessary steps to better the situation and uplift this employee before things get more serious.


It can help you communicate effectively with your workforce

Have you tried explaining something to an employee and he was left with a blank, confused look? It may not be because you are a poor communicator, but that you both learn and assimilate information in a different way. You might make quick, complex links with abstract data while this person requires more visuals and concrete examples of how this idea would be transposed into his day-to-day reality.

How we learn, what information we need to feel at ease making a decision, and how much time we need to allow this information to set in can differ from one employee to the next. So personality at work is important for making sure you are approaching someone the best way possible, and are equipped with what this person needs to feel comfortable.

You may also be too direct in your approach with a colleague that needs to feel implicated and appreciated first and foremost. Or maybe you didn’t choose your words wisely when you made that funny yet innocent remark towards a co-worker that ended up taking it the wrong way and felt victimized. Again, understanding personality at work can provide you with valuable information that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.


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These are but a few examples of why personality at work is more important than you think. Not only will it help you select the right person for a position, but it will help keep them happy and motivated so they will remain loyal to you. It can reduce miscommunication, turnovers and burnouts while increasing collaboration among your workforce as they see their differences in a more positive light.

Have you given any thought about personality at work within your organization? See firsthand how it can make a difference

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