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The reliability of the science creates a real impact in our customers' teams. The comprehensiveness of the solution allows us to offer a decision support and business performance improvement tool.

Frank Baudoin, Consulting Partner

Halifax Consulting

Comprehensive Solution

A unique platform to equip your services and your customers.

Enhance the quality of your interventions with the power of data science, purposely built to reveal people’s professional success.

Deepen your analysis with endless platform features

Sharply enrich your HR offer with a wide variety of practical, game-changing data and features.

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Manage your clients or give them access, it's up to you

Expand your service offer with a flexible, cutting-edge solution that allows two parties to own it.

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Become 100% autonomous

We made it easy for you to be fully on your own and access a full range of consultant training courses to create your customer’s profiles and environments.

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The AtmanCo Impact

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Impact on Hiring & Retention

Add a layer of insights to the entire recruitment process to attract top talent, select the best fit, and lead them into an onboarding journey that just works.

Impact on Leaders & Teams

Demystify the complexities of team dynamics to build and lead your people. Bring together complementary personalities and abilities, with the right leadership style to build the best teams.

Impact on Talent Development

Target, assess, and grow the competencies your people and organizations need to excel in an ever-changing and competitive world.

Partners HR Specialist Hire 585X600 EN
Partners HR Specialist Lead 585X600 EN
Partners HR Specialist Grow 585X600 EN

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