4 Hiring Mistakes You Could Avoid With the Atman Test

Having problems with selection hiring? Discover 4 of the most common hiring mistakes and how to avoid them with the Atman test!


Leen Sawalha

VP Product & Growth

Friday, August 22, 2014


Recruitment and selection is one of the most important tasks of human resources management. Not only is it crucial for the company’s success, but it could also save it a lot of money! In fact, the cost of a bad hire can range anywhere from 30% to over 200% of the employee’s annual salary; depending on the prominence of the position in question.

So why is it so difficult to find the right employee? How is it possible that, even with all our research and training, do we still commit costly hiring mistakes?

Because we’re human; it’s as simple as that! But despite being inherently flawed, you will all be thrilled to know that there is a solution to avoiding common hiring mistakes!

What is the Atman Test?

Very briefly, the Atman test is a scientifically validated psychometric assessment tool that can provide you with objective insight into who your candidates are. Say, for example, you have two candidates applying for an entry-level position. Both of them have been to the same university, graduated with the same degree, and had good GPAs. How can you determine who is the better candidate, especially since you don’t know who they really are?

This is where the Atman test can provide you with the information you’re missing. It sheds the light onto their personality in terms of their thinking structure, motivation, leadership, sociability, and even their resistance to stress. Armed with this information, it’s easy to see how the Atman test can help improve your hiring process!

But for the sake of specificity, let’s talk about 4 of the most common hiring mistakes that could be avoided with the Atman test.

Hiring mistake #1: Relying only on the interview

A lot of things can go wrong when you only rely on how the interview went, and there are a lot of reasons for why that is true.

There are some people who are just not good when they are being interviewed! They may have all the skills and qualifications you are looking for, as well as the personality traits that would make them the perfect fit with the job and organization – but you would never know it. On the other hand, some people are naturally-born salespeople. They walk into an interview with confidence and charm, and can talk their way out of any situation and around any question. They might not have the skills or the experience, but, hey! They’re great and you’re sure they can learn, right?

The Atman test will not only tell you more about who the person is on the inside, but it will also allow you to understand them better during the interview. They might be very soft-spoken and timid during the interview, but you already know from their Atman test that this is because they are introverted in nature.

Hiring mistake #2: Relying on gut feeling

Despite all the books and articles that emphasize the importance of not hiring based on “gut feeling”, you would be surprised of the number of people who still do. However, the fact of the matter is that human beings are generally more attracted to people they deem likable; which is usually people who remind them of themselves! What is so often referred to as “gut feeling” is really nothing more than a subjective assessment based on a 30-minute conversation. But if you can’t depend on your gut feeling, what can you depend on?

Giving your candidates the Atman test prior to the interview will tell you more about who they are before you actually meet them. The results of the Atman test also act as an additional assessment tool, making your hiring process more objective. There are many biases that can cloud our judgement during an interview; but with the Atman test, you can be assured that these biases are significantly reduced.

Hiring mistake #3: Not knowing what you are looking for

Another very common hiring mistake occurs when you don’t know what you are looking for in a candidate. Sure, you know the knowledge, skills, and capabilities that are needed for the job to be completed successfully, but do you know who you’re looking for? Does the nature of the job require your employee to follow strict rules and procedures? Or do they need to be able to be creative and quickly adapt to varying situations?

Believe it or not, even if you think you’re the kind of person who can do both, every human being has a tendency to be one or the other. It’s not that you can’t do both, it’s just that you’re naturally oriented towards either being more traditional or adaptable in the way you perform general tasks. Having the natural reflex that corresponds to the requirements of a specific position would not only ensure that the job will be done properly, but that the employee is doing it with ease.

And this is just one of the many other characteristics that are inherent in people and can affect the way they perform their duties. The Atman test will tell you what your candidate’s natural reflexes are; whether it is their adaptability, organization, competitiveness, assertiveness; you name it, the Atman test has it!

Hiring mistake #4: Not considering “fit” when choosing a candidate

The candidate’s resume was amazing. They had all the skills, qualifications, education, and experience. The interview went smoothly and you believe you have finally hit the jackpot. But then they come into the organization and they are not performing as well as they should be. They seem lost, overwhelmed, or even frustrated; even though they have a successful history of completing these exact same duties. Every HR management book out there emphasizes the importance of not only person-job fit, but also person-organization fit and person-team fit. It is the lack of this fit that often produces performance problems.

But how can you be sure the person you are hiring will fit with the organization’s cultureand with the people they will be working with? The Atman test will allow you to see how your candidate fits within the organization. By applying Atman’s components to your candidate’s results, you won’t only be able to determine the level of fit, but you will also be able to identify any problematic factors, allowing you the chance to be proactive and avoid conflict before it arises.

The hiring process is so important that many organizations can’t really afford to have it go wrong. It affects so much more than you would think; from turnover rate, low performance, conflict, all the way to organizational success. And yet, there are still many mistakes associated with hiring.

Invest in improving your hiring process. Eliminate bias, make it more objective, and ensure you are hiring the right person, for the right job, and for the right organization!

Are you ready to become better?

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