Equip yourself with the best ally of effective leaders.

Take leadership skills from good to great with valuable insights that uncover a team’s DNA to help managers better engage, mobilize, and lead their teams more effectively.

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Knowing the strengths and development opportunities of the people on your team is essential. Depending on the personality of each person, we must adapt the way we deliver our messages to achieve results.

Amélie Richard, General Manager

Eltoro Studio

Global Fit

Crack the code of your team’s DNA

AtmanCo evaluates and interprets a 360° view of your teams, their environment, and their work to guide you on your path to stronger, more performing teams.

Team Fit

Find out how your team members' personality traits fit with each other to get an overview of how they function. Determine their compatibility, strengths, and areas that need attention for optimal team performance.

Manager Fit

Dig into the intricate relationship between a leader and their troops to uncover the most effective ways to foster collaboration, development, motivation, and contribution.

Culture Fit

Reveal the values and attitudes that drive your teams to continue building on a culture that suits your people and adds values to the organization.

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Unveil your team's unique Personality Styles

Take your teams to new heights by decoding their personality styles for more impactful and honest synergy.


Observe, interpret, and take action.

We accompany your managers in the analysis of their team dynamics and the interpretation of each of its players. Our role is simple: to make your team more united, motivated, committed, and successful.

Team Analysis

Get a detailed team analysis to define the path to success and development.

Profile Interpretation

Get career development advice through a psychometric profile interpretation session by our experts.

Team Building

Get a team-building session for leaders who want to optimize performance and happiness in the workplace.

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Leadership Coaching

Understand your team and your own leadership style.

Customized training sessions using the AtmanCo methodology to increase self-awareness and stimulate collaboration.

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Conflict resolution

Resolve conflict at the source.

Conflict resolution sessions led by our specialists and guided by psychometric data to restore team dynamics.