How Do You See Me? A game designed for team building

Personality recognition and appreciation game for your next team building activity.



Build stronger relationships with your team members

Promoting a culture that values individual strengths.

Encourage interpersonal relationships

Create opportunities for team members to interact and communicate more.

Reinforce mutual trust

Develop trust and understanding between team members through activities based on recognition and appreciation.

Encourage collaboration

Encourage teamwork by proposing activities where members must collaborate and communicate to achieve a common goal.

Identify the strengths of each team member

Provide opportunities for each member to recognize his or her natural talents and specific skills.

Focus on complementarity

Encourage appreciation of the differences of each team member and how each can contribute in complementary ways to the team's goals and success.

Improve job satisfaction

Provide opportunities for team members to feel valued, motivated and committed to their work.

This game of recognition and valorization creates a positive dynamic within the teams, while enhancing mutual understanding and group synergy.

Rodolphe Meynier, HR Consultant

Halifax Consulting

Game description

You missed the tutorial? No problem, we have it here for you. 😉

At AtmanCo, we believe that organizations that invest in their employees' well-being are the most successful. Discover the philosophy behind "How Do You See Me?" and how to play it.


For your next team building activity

Whether you're in HR, a manager, a consultant, or the person in charge of leading a team activity, this game is the perfect formula for combining self-knowledge and recognition of others.

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For HR Specialists and Consultants

Offer a new team building activity to your clientele

  • Offer your customers an effective team-building tool that reinforces collaboration, cohesion and knowledge of self and others within teams.
  • Use personality styles as a psychometric interpretation language accessible to all.
  • Facilitate a new group experience centered on the recognition and enhancement of each individual.
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For HR professionals and managers

Be autonomous when leading team-building activities

  • Offer your teams a fun new way to improve interpersonal relations and job satisfaction.
  • Encourage your teams to better understand each other's characteristics and recognize each other's strengths.
  • Identify how each team member can contribute to the team's success.

Discover your team's personality styles.

A new team experience.