Your Virtual Coach for Employee Retention

Our latest innovation combines psychometric science with caring AI all in the name of making you the best leader you can be. Get AI-generated recommendations and action plans to harness employee onboarding, motivation, and retention.

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Personalized recommendations in an instant

Get specific, actionable advice based on your employees’ complete profile to create the best employee experience there is.


Uncover and understand the unique aspects of your people and what defines their nature.


Isolate and focus on the traits and competencies that are most essential for your employee’s role.


Highlight competencies that are unique to your organization’s context and learn how to leverage them.


Taking your managerial experience into consideration to optimize recommendations that best fit you.


Unlock the best leader in you

Managers are under more pressure than ever before to develop and retain top talent. We're here to make things a little easier.

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Get to know them

Get to know them inside out

Recognize your employees' personalities, learning styles, reflexes, and natural tendencies to strengthen relationships and team performance.

  • Learn the best strategies to implement and those to avoid based on their unique combination of personality styles.
  • Identify potential challenges from the get-go to keep your interactions proactive and effective.
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Better collaborate

Two is better than one

Discover the synergies of the employee-manager duo, its strengths, and its challenges to create the strongest collaboration.

  • Target the best ways to leverage each other's complementarities and strengths.
  • Identify your personality clashes and challenges to determine the best ways to foster mutual success.
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Focus on their needs & values

Promote engagement by understanding the best levers of motivation based on the most important needs, values, and preferences of your people.

  • Target the features that deserve special attention.
  • Get suggestions to meet the needs of each employee.
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Get their potential to shine

Capitalize on natural talents and discover how your employees can empower themselves professionally and maximize their contribution to your organization.

  • Get concrete tips and means to develop core competencies.
  • Strategically target high-potential competencies that can be best leveraged for individual and organizational growth.

Own an action plan that keeps evolving

Team up with your virtual coach to apply concrete actions in the everyday lives of your employees.

Build your personalized action plan

Your virtual coach adapts to your organization, culture, values, and people – but you are in complete control of your recommendations and action plan. Select your preferred recommendations to build an implementation plan that suits you.

Drive its evolution with your feedback

Your AI-enabled virtual coach will learn from your feedback to propose even better recommendations throughout your leadership journey. The more your share with your virtual coach, the more personalized and targeted your recommendations will become.

Meet your employee happiness coach

Let’s talk about how you can leverage happiness and performance in your organization.