Succession planning

She’s pregnant, he’s retiring, and others are getting promoted... Good for them, but now you are responsible for finding their replacements, and all you can think is “yay me”, right? Nope! Whether a situation has sprung on you, or it’s just that time of year, succession planning is crucial to maintaining operations, and everyone is counting on you!


How AtmanCo’s platform will make you better at succession planning.

Many factors, like the changing demographics, will require you to be more effective at succession planning. Here’s what you’ll be able to do with the AtmanCo platform.

Pinpoint success factors

Find out which traits and characteristics are required for someone to be successful in the position in question.

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Identify high potential candidates

Evaluate your prospects and narrow down your list of candidates to those with high potential and who have the success factors you’re looking for.

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Determine their level of fit

Get a quantitative measure of a candidate’s level of fit with the position. Which have the highest possible success rates?

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Evaluate their fit with the team

They might have what it takes to do the job, but are they going to be right for the team? Evaluate their level of fit within the team and identify possible areas of conflict.

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Provide more successful training

Organize and conduct better training for succession planning by understanding and adapting programs to individual learning modes and thinking structures.

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Be proactive

Uncover those areas that require a little development and start focusing on them. Why wait for disaster to strike when it can be avoided?

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Understanding a little more about the personality of the employees and their perception allows us to adapt our approach. We have created teams according to the personalities of each person and according to the expertise they would like to develop or simply continue to do.

Karine Ste-Marie

Eltoro Studio


Some of the features for Succession Planning

These awesome features, all available in the user-friendly AtmanCo platform, will make succession planning a walk in the park.

Atman’s Psychometric Test

Identify the traits and characteristics necessary for successful performance, and get advice of the most effective training method.

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Management Style Assessments

Learn about their management style and determine if they have what it takes to lead their new team to performance and success.

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Compatibility Evaluation

Evaluate how well the candidate will collaborate with individuals from their new team and uncover their level of compatibility.

Employee Fit Assessments

Determine the measure of success of your potential candidates in their new position based on pre-­established norms.

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