Hiring a Salesperson

Don’t you just hate it when the salesperson you hired isn’t doing as well as you thought they would? You spend a lot of time, money, and effort into recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and training your salespeople, just to have them not perform at the level you expected them to. It’s time for a more effective and efficient process for hiring salespeople.


How AtmanCo’s platform will make you better at hiring salespeople.

With the sector’s inherently high turnover rate, we could all use a hand to make sure we’re hiring the best salespeople. Here’s how AtmanCo’s platform can help.

Become a better recruiter

Start off on the right foot by recruiting the right candidates and being a more effective and efficient interviewer when hiring a salesperson.

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Identify naturally-born salespeople

Sales is a distinctive job that not everyone is cut out to do. Identify those who have the natural ability to be the best at it.

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Evaluate sales skills and behaviors

Listening, probing, and adaptability are just a few of the core skills and behaviors required for sales. Evaluate these traits before you make a bad hire.

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Determine global sales style

Product orientation, energy, or the ability to form relationships? Determine their sales style and make sure it fits your needs.

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Recognize their representation type

Is this candidate a “getter” or a “keeper” of customers? Recognize the type of representative they will be and capitalize on that strength.

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Give them the right compensation

Don’t forget that different people require different motivations. Give them the compensation that will ensure they stay at the top of their game.

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I was able to train internal people who took control of the system and administered it. Profiling my candidates allowed me to judge them according to precise and not subjective criteria. I was more flexible, and reacted more quickly, in the event of an important and urgent hiring need.

Annie Larouche

Bell Canada


Hiring a salesperson is easy with these features.

These awesome features, all available in the user-friendly AtmanCo platform, will make you a sales recruiter master!

Atman’s Psychometric Test

Atman’s psychometric test sheds light on the natural traits and characteristics that make your candidates great salespersons.

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Personality-Based Interview Protocol

Be proactive and avoid hiring mistakes by having a more effective, efficient, reliable, and bias-free interview process.

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Employee Compatibility Evaluation

Ensure optimal collaboration and performance by evaluating the compatibility of those involved in the sales cycle.

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Sales Skills & Behaviors Assessment

Hire the best salespeople by evaluating your candidates’ sales styles and competencies.

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