Boost Team Productivity

No matter the size of your company, the industry you’re in, or the role you play in the organization, there is no denying that effective teams are the essence of your success. And it is your job as the manager and leader to boost your team’s productivity and maintaining their effectiveness. But that’s easier said than done...


How AtmanCo’s platform can boost your team’s productivity.

There are many factors that can affect a team’s ability to be productive, including motivation and leadership. Here’s what you’ll be able to do with the AtmanCo platform.

Build a complementary team

Individual skills are valuable, but compatible characteristics are what make a team shine. Identify both with the AtmanCo solution and build a team with complementary strengths.

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Provide the right leadership style

Different teams and individuals require different leadership styles. Make sure you provide the right one for your team by understanding their personality.

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Pinpoint individual motivating factors

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to motivation. Identify the motivating factors of each of your team members to maintain their effectiveness.

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Identify the team’s ideal learning mode

Team performance and productivity starts with the right training programs. AtmanCo’s solution identifies your team’s learning mode to optimize the delivery of training.

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Improve communication and feedback

Maintaining productivity and performance can only be achieved with the right communication and feedback. Uncover your team’s hidden characteristics to optimize these exchanges.

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Provide the best working environment

Whether they prefer a working environment like a well-oiled machine, or one that can only be described as creative chaos, understanding your team means having a productive one.

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My end-to-end hiring process, in which Atman was a big part, allowed me to optimize the recruitment process I had in place. My department's turnover rate dropped from 26% to 10% within only twelve months.

Annie Larouche, Regional Director - Project Management

Bell Canada


Some of the features to boost team productivity.

These awesome features, all available in the user-friendly AtmanCo platform, are sure to boost your team’s’ productivity in no time!

Atman’s Psychometric Test

The Atman report reveals how your team members acquire information best, what motivates them, how they prefer to receive their feedback, and so much more!

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Management Style Assessments

Assess your own management style and how it complements your team’s needs. Identify which aspects of your style best suit your team, and which need to be altered. Self-awareness is the first step towards becoming a better leader.

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Compatibility Evaluation

Evaluate the level of compatibility between members of your team. Gather insight on their strengths as a working unit, and get some advice on how they can improve their collaboration.

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Team Profiles

The AtmanCo platform allows you to evaluate the personalities and characteristics of your team collectively in order to ensure you give them what they need to be productive as a unit.

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