Employee-manager collaboration

The relationship between a manager and his/her employees is a special, yet delicate, one. It can mean the difference between team success and absolute failure. You can wait months for the collaboration to become optimal, or you can develop a successful working relationship in 30 minutes. Which would you pick?


How the AtmanCo platform will improve employee-manager collaboration.

No one really has the time to wait until the collaboration between managers and employees becomes optimal. Here’s how AtmanCo’s platform can help you improve your working relationship within minutes!

Improve Self-Awareness

Become a better manager and improve collaboration with your employees by acquiring an all-important leadership quality; Self-awareness.

Get to know one another

Know your strengths. Know your weaknesses. Know each other. That is the essence of effective collaboration.

Measure level of compatibility

What is the level of compatibility between you and your employees? Quantify it before you find yourselves in a pickle.

Understand their true motivation

To improve collaboration and productivity, understand your employees’ true motivation and give it to them. There are no limits with the right motivation.

Uncover areas of potential conflict

Wouldn’t it be great if you can anticipate conflict? Pinpoint the areas that could give rise to conflictual situations and be proactive.

Get advice to improve collaboration

Not sure what to do after a conflict? Get real and concrete advice on how to approach the situation and improve the relationship.

We developed a profile of our best managers, to see if my people at the base could have a similar profile to them. This allowed us to promote not only those who had the required knowledge, but also and above all the personal characteristics to perform better.

Annie Larouche

Bell Canada


Some of the features to improve collaboration

These awesome features, all available in the user-friendly AtmanCo platform, will make improving collaboration as easy as 1-2-3!

Atman’s Psychometric Test

Understand personalities, learning modes, motivations and more with Atman’s scientifically validated psychometric test.

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Employee Fit Assessment

Improve manager/employee collaboration by assessing their level of fit and identifying aspects that could use a little tweaking!

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Compatibility Evaluation

Quantifies the compatibility between the manager and employee, highlighting areas susceptible to conflict and providing concrete advice.

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Management Style Assessment

Ensure the compatibility of the managerial style to the employee’s personality and motivation with a Management Style Assessment.

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