Reduce turnover

When an employee leaves your organization, do you have any idea how much it’s costing you? We do! Believe it or not, turnover roughly costs 140% of your employee’s salary. And that’s just for a non-managerial position. The digits rise considerably when talking about executive positions.


How the AtmanCo platform will help you reduce turnover.

It’s no secret that turnover is incredibly costly and we would do anything to reduce it! Here’s what you can do with the AtmanCo platform without having to go to extreme measures!

Avoid hiring mistakes

Hire the right employees in the first place by avoiding common mistakes detected by the Atman; makes it that much easier to retain them.

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Place employees in the right team

The RIGHT employee in the WRONG team is recipe for disaster. Find out where and how they fit.

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Proper training and orientation

It shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Start them off right and allow for training and onboarding that suits THEM, based on their thinking structure.

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Understand their motivation

Give them the motivation that drives them. Is it recognition? Challenges? Security? Atman will tell you.

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Know how to engage them

Not everyone can be engaged the same way; know how they’re built and engage them the right way. After all, high engagement = low turnover.

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Ensure fit with manager

Don’t forget who they are working for. Chances are if they voluntarily leave their job, they are actually leaving their bosses.

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AtmanCo allowed us to better define the strengths and weaknesses of each member of our team and to have a general portrait of the whole group. We often think we know our team members well, but this adventure allowed us to clarify certain points and to fill in the gaps in the various departments.

Pascal Gauthier

Memtronik Innovations


Some of the features to lower turnover

All of these features are available in the user-friendly AtmanCo platform to help make you turnover problem a thing of the past.

Atman’s Psychometric Test

The Atman psychometric test pinpoints what it is about your employees that makes them so valuable to you.

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Employee Fit Assessment

Reduce your turnover and increase employee performance by optimizing their overall fit within the organization.

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Employee Compatibility Evaluation

Highlights complementary aspects of teams to ensure more effective and efficient collaboration.

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Management Style Assessment

Make sure the managers have the right style to lead their team, based on everyone’s personalities.

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