Quebec City's Jean Lesage International Airport is on board with AtmanCo 🛫

We sat down with Isabelle Vachon, Human Resources Advisor at Quebec City's Jean Lesage International Airport to learn about the issues they have faced over the past few years and how AtmanCo has helped to address them.

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Québec City International Airport

We can trace the beginnings of Quebec City's airport history back to 1929, but it wasn't until 1943 that the airport began its shift towards commercial activities, passing into the hands of Transport Canada. Today, Québec City's Jean-Lesage International Airport, with some 150 employees and a growing number of passengers, has taken on an international dimension.

Managers see the added value of the AtmanCo platform and ask us for it. The teams really appreciate the tool, which we've been using in our hiring process for several years.

Isabelle Vachon

Human Resources Advisor at Quebec City's Jean Lesage International Airport

The challenges and their solutions

With Québec City's Jean Lesage International Airport in continuous expansion mode since its privatization, Isabelle Vachon was given the mandate a few years ago to develop a solid recruitment process.

"We've been growing for twenty-two years. It's your airport, the people's airport. We want people to be proud. It's part of our mission and our vision."

Having used psychometric testing before, and wanting to make it a component of the recruitment process, she set out to find a practical solution that would allow her to be autonomous while keeping a hand on the budget.

For Isabelle, the AtmanCo platform offers objective and specific data that enables a candidate's profile to be compared with that of a successful employee already in post. By analyzing personality compatibility, it is possible to assess the degree of complementarity between the candidate and the manager. The company's managers have fully embraced this solution, supporting them throughout their decision-making process.

The success of the AtmanCo solution is not limited to recruitment. Today, Isabelle benefits from AtmanCo's six personality styles, represented by colors, and uses them to consolidate and mobilize her teams.

"The styles help us to understand each other better, to break down silos, to bring more cross-functionality. The teams really like it. The rest of the teams are starting to ask us for it [Teambuilding activity with personality styles]." -Isabelle Vachon

There were several reasons why Quebec City's Jean Lesage International Airport chose the AtmanCo psychometric platform over other options offered by competitors.

One of the key advantages highlighted by Isabelle is the way AtmanCo presents the results. She particularly appreciates the platform's positive approach: "It's the way [the results] are presented. That's the positive side of it [...] When I present the platform in my feedback, I explain that it's focused on a balanced pole, that there are no bad results."

Our goal is to gather as much information as possible so that we can make informed decisions. A platform that empowers us and goes further than a simple personality analysis.

Quebec City Airport's challenges: 

Select the right candidates in a context of continuous and difficult recruitment

Obtain a visual and interactive tool for team mobilizations

By making AtmanCo an integral part of their HR processes, Quebec City Airport is able to:

Make more informed and objective decisions during recruitment processes

Be completely autonomous in using the platform and interpreting assessment results

Provide effective feedback in line with development objectives


positive impact on the match between a candidate and the organization


positive impact on the overall hiring process, including selection, recruitment and onboarding


positive impact on employees motivation and engagement

Experience the AtmanCo impact