Virtual Coach: Innovation to better know, motivate, and develop your teams

Discover how to boost the performance and motivation of your teams through caring leadership.

February 23, 2023 @ 11:00 AM
45 minutes

Presented by

Christine Chartrand

VP Consulting Services

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Why attend?

And yes, psychometrics is now transforming with caring AI! Learn how to propel your leadership to foster the integration and retention of your talent with AtmanCo's brand new Virtual Coach:

  1. 🤩 Understanding the use of psychometrics with caring AI;
  2. 🚀 Discover recommendations based on your employees' personality styles, employed experience and managerial experience;
  3. ✅ Concrete actions managers can take to ensure their teams thrive;
  4. 👋 Know your teams better, 🤝 foster collaboration, 👏 meet critical needs, and 💪 maximize everyone's potential.

AtmanCo'sVirtual Coach is a tool designed to help managers create the best experience for their teams by maximizing collaboration, motivation, and performance. 

This live demo will be 30 minutes long and we will reserve 15 minutes at the very end to answer any questions you may have.