The fundamentals of the AtmanPro Evaluations and Platform

Join us for this free training session dedicated to our users transitioning to the AtmanPro platform.

3 hours

Presented by

Catherine Dulude

Corporate Coach and Business Happiness Consultant

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What you will learn in this Training

This training is designed for anyone who could benefit from psychometric data in your organization, particularly human resources professionals and leaders within your company. The knowledge acquired during this training session will allow you to enhance the understanding of candidate and employee profiles, as well as increase the effectiveness of interventions by identifying the best methods or strategies to meet resource needs and increase the performance of your teams. More specifically, you will learn:

  1. The key difference between the AtmanClassic and the AtmanPro assessments
  2. How to interpret the results of the AtmanPro psychometric solution in the context of selection, integration, management, and development;
  3. The foundations of the scientific validity process of the AtmanPro;
  4. The additional features available to you to make the best hiring, leadership, and development decisions;
  5. How to navigate through and utilize the platform’s features.

This training session is 3 hours long and includes multiple opportunities for questions to ensure you get the most out of the training.

P.S. If you have never been certified to use the AtmanClassic assessment and platform, it is highly recommended you opt for a complete AtmanPro certification.

Click here to learn more about our certification.

P.P.S. Please note that these training sessions are only available in French. If your organization requires training sessions in English, please write to [email protected].