psycho-: a Greek prefix meaning relating to the mind or psychology;
-metrics: meaning measurement, or the science of measuring.

In other words, psychometrics is the science of measuring capabilities and processes.

types of psychometric tests


Because psychometric tests measure capabilities and processes, you can find several different types of tests depending on which of these processes and capabilities they measure. A test is considered a psychometric assessment when it successfully measures a combination of any of these facets:

  • Abilities
  • Attitudes
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Personality traits
  • Aptitude
  • Behavior
  • Intelligence
  • Interests
  • Preferences


The most important factor you need to consider when choosing a psychometric test
is whether or not it’s scientifically validated.

What is a Scientifically Validated Psychometric test, anyway?

The first thing you want to know is that there are two main components when talking about scientific validity: Reliability and Validity.

Reliability is the extent to which a test/assessment produces stable and consistent results. Basically, it means that if a test/assessment is deemed “reliable”, then that test will produce the same result over time; whether it’s at different times of the day, or a year from now, you will get the same results regardless of when you do the assessment.

Validity is the extent to which a test/assessment measures what it is intended to measure. An assessment will do us no good if it doesn’t measure what it’s supposed to, even if the measure was reliable! Consistently getting the same result is not sufficient if that result doesn’t give us accurate information.

And just in case you were wondering; Yes, Atman’s Psychometric Test is scientifically validated!

scientific validity


I can find a good, useful, and valid psychometric test for free.

Any good and useful psychometric test needs to have gone through extensive scientific validation. And when anyone goes through the trouble of actually validating an assessment, you can rest assured it is not going to be free! But having the right psychometric test will certainly prove to be worth your while.

I need a psych degree to use and understand psychometric assessments.

Absolutely not! Well, at least not for Atman’s Psychometric Test. Our assessment was created with HR professionals in mind. We understand that people are a company’s best asset, and the assessment was developed with the objective of having a tool that allows businesses to evaluate people without the need for a psychologist. But, we do recommend you become Atman certified to become a master interpreter of psychometric tests!

Psychometric tests should only be used for recruitment and selection.

Definitely not! While many of our clients do start off using psychometrics for recruitment and selection, it doesn’t take them very long to realize how much value it can add by using it for other purposes, such as change management, conflict resolution, team formation, and even succession planning. The uses are endless, you just need to explore them!

Using psychometric testing negatively affects my company’s brand.

Quite the contrary; using psychometric testing actually improves how applicants and employees view you as an organization. Think about it: how would you feel about a company who only considers what’s written on your resume to make a decision about how well you fit in company and for the job? Now think about a company that not only takes into consideration your education and experience, but also your strengths, traits, and attributes that make you the amazing person you are. Which one of these companies would you view in a better light?

Psychometric tests are illegal and/or discriminatory.

Not if you have the right one! Not all psychometric tests are the same, and some of them don’t take into consideration your need for compliant and legitimate assessments. Be sure you do some research into any psychometric assessment to make sure it meets your standards. Side note, Atman’s Psychometric Test and employee assessments are all legal and non-discriminatory!


of HR professionals say
psychometrics help predict fit[1]

+ 80%

of US Fortune 500 companies
use psychometric testing


of a person’s salary is
lost after a bad hire


average decrease in turnover
among AtmanCo’s clients


reduction in recruitment
costs with psychometrics