Having a team that gets along and works efficiently feels like a sociological phenomenon. With all the diversity across different industries and organizations, it can make it difficult for a person to feel like they belong.

Creating a great company culture can’t be done without recruiting individuals that are a great fit for the company. Maintaining that great culture is a matter of those individuals staying happy and bringing in more people.

So, it’s vital to attract and hold onto people that benefit the culture and group atmosphere at your office. And here’s how to do it:


Ways To Determine A Good Cultural Fit

One of the biggest reasons for employee dissatisfaction is the feeling of not belonging.

This is why research firms are looking into new ways to hiring employees that will be a great cultural fit for their organization.

One of the best ways to find out if you, a candidate, or a team, are fit for one another is by simply undergoing a team analysis in order to see how all parties can play off one another.


The Compatibility Report: an Essential Tool for your Teams

Let’s face it: there are certain coworkers who we have more professional affinities with than others, and whom we prefer to work with. Precisely, collaboration problems create serious waste of time and energy and can lead to conflict.

Just by knowing the kind of people that are around you, you can figure out what are some good triggers for conversation, idea generation, innovation management and so on. Team satisfaction has several factors that make teamwork enjoyable:

  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Respect
  • Transparency

Coincidentally, these 4 factors are also what makeup great friendships and acquaintances. Having colleagues that you can rely on makes it easier to complete more tasks in a smart and more efficient manner.

If you don’t think these things matter, ask yourself, would you ever delegate a task or work with someone who you have no trust in?

Organizations overlook these small things when recruiting in order to find someone that looks great on paper. However, hiring managers are now adapting to having a slow hiring process with different tests like the “airport layover test”, which is nothing more than evaluating if a potential hire would be a great cultural fit if placed with someone that is similar to them in the company.

If you ever want to evaluate the fit between you and your group, ask yourself if you would feel uncomfortable around someone in your team if you were stuck with them in an airport layover.

Or the simple workaround is to find out more about how you would mix well with the other person, via a personality assessment.
If you are indeed a great fit with the people in your group, there’s always an advantage of finding out more about their psychometric buildup in order to find out how to work smarter.


Do You Feel Comfortable Amongst Your Peers?

Going back to the airport layover test, there has to be a level of comfort between colleagues. There can’t be anything that will dilute the culture or cause rifts between coworkers.

Being comfortable among the people that you work with makes it easier to reach goals. It goes back to trust at the end of the day. If there’s no trust or loyalty among colleagues, it will create cliques and cause tension.

Having cliques within a small group is a team-building killer.  And the last thing anyone wants is to work with people they don’t trust.

It is upper management’s responsibility to come up with ways for teams to collaborate easier and better.

If upper management preaches a flat holacratic ideology between people, it allows for faster decision-making, less bureaucracy, and a shorter chain of command that isn’t as long and complex as most organizations.

Evaluate if you feel comfortable with your current position, if not, pitch ideas to the team and management to create better cohesion and unity within the team.


The Best Recipe to Build the Ultimate Dream Team

There is no doubt that the success of any organization is linked to its employees and their teamwork. Each manager hopes to be able to rely on an ultimate dream team! Let us begin with the essential part: the perfect dream team does not exist as such for many reasons, not least which is because the idea of perfection is relative.

How To Analyze Relationships Among Colleagues

The best way to understand and improve a relationship with another individual, even one that you may not know a lot about, is to get a sense of their values and draw a line of respect when it comes to certain things.

We can come up with as many tests as possible, but at the end of the day everyone is different.

Not everyone is a workhorse, a creator, a logical thinker, punctual, etc. Everyone has unique traits that allow them to excel where others aren’t strong. It is the main reason that teams exist in the first place; to have individuals that can excel where others can’t, all the while creating a good collaborative atmosphere.

It is up to the the organization to analyze groups and use that information to create better teams within the organization.

But it’s always important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and creating a solid organization requires a lot of configuration. It is more of a Rubik’s cube than a puzzle. So find out what personalities mix well with one another and what teams can work best with one another by trying out a team analysis.


Can A Team Analysis Reveal If You’re A Good Fit?

A lot of people can feel left out because they’re not a good fit for the organization, but can doing a team analysis help you see if you’re a cultural fit?

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