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Develop and retain your top talent with smart psychometric analytics.

Invest in growing your employees and future leaders

Your people are your most valuable assets – you know it, and we know it. Finding amazing talent and retaining them is no easy feat, but it’s what you need to do to set your company up for continued success.

Our predictive psychometric data can get you there.

AtmanPro’s platform includes a suite of psychometric assessments and features that are scientifically validated with independent researchers to provide you with specific, reliable, and objective data.

Data that works with you to unleash your people’s potential and develop them into your future leaders.


The AtmanPro Methodology

Cognitive Ability

50 questions – 17 minutes



40 questions – untimed



60 questions – untimed



Employees and leaders complete any or all of AtmanPro’s psychometric assessments, which include Cognitive Aptitude, Personality, Preferences, and Learning Mode.


Use AtmanPro’s smart platform to analyze and generate accurate, predictive analytics that reveal leadership competencies and potential.

Managerial Courage


Strategic Vision

General Cognitive Ability

Change of success

Organization & Follow-ups

Suggested tactics:

  • Establish a color chart
  • Create yourself a reminder
  • Discuss & validate your schedule with colleagues

Build data-driven development plans that capitalize on individual personality and strengths for optimal learning, growth, and success.


Create a continuous loop of growth and development with AtmanPro’s predictive analytics and actionable feedback.

Managerial Courage


Strategic Vision

General Cognitive Ability

Change of success


The features you need to grow your most valuable assets.






Competitive Spirit

Team Lead: Sales

Dexter Morgan

VP Sales

Team Fit Analysis

Evaluate your team’s global fit to prepare them for the future. use competencies and personality profiles to create the strongest teams and identify potential successors.


Strategic Planning

Priority Management


Stress Management


Competencies for Management

Ready to show you care about their growth? Our smart platform helps you map out their future by targeting management, sales, and professional competencies for development (with actionable advice).




Capacity to influence

Job Fit Analysis

Verify if the employee has the natural fit with a specific job position in terms of personality, cognitive abilities, and competencies for better onboarding and performance results.

Organization & Follow-ups

Suggested tactics:

  • Establish a color chart
  • Create yourself a reminder
  • Discuss & validate your schedule with colleagues
Competency Development Guides

Use psychometric data and our methodology to utilize your employees’ most natural talents to their full potential. Also, focus on developing competencies they need to excel and grow towards bigger opportunities.


Resistance to stress




Competitive Spirit

Strengths :

  • Together, there is a drive to succeed, and take on a results-oriented approach

Dexter Morgan

Sales Representative

Dexter Morgan

Sales Representative

Compatibility Analysis

Boost performance through better collaboration. Analyze the compatibility between two individuals to uncover their dynamic, reveal ways to improve their collaboration, and offer them actionable feedback based on their personality traits and dispositions.

See our powerful features for yourself.

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The heart of the operation

Our analysis and features are all based on the assessments available on our psychometric platform.

And we don’t kid around when it comes to science – all our psychometric assessments are scientifically validated by renowned and accomplished independent researchers, so you know you’re in good hands.

Learn more about our assessments
Cognitive Aptitude Assessment
Personality Assessment
Preferences & Interests Assessment
Learning Mode Assessment


We’re here to lend a helping hand

Get an in-depth, 4-hour team building session for leaders serious about optimizing performance.
Get 1-hour sessions with our experts to discuss professional development and psychometric results.
Get full-day evaluations of high-potential leaders, for high-level, high-impact positions.
Book executive coaching sessions with our specialist for personalized, actionable advice.
Get personalized competencies, preferences, and development metrics to fit your company’s needs and culture.
Develop Customized Competencies for critical leadership positions, validated by an independent researcher.

We provide you with everything you need to grow and develop your most valuable assets.

But if you need a little help from a friend, we’ll be there for you with first-class quality services delivered by our evaluation experts.

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