8 Employee Turnover Metrics you probably aren’t measuring (but should!)

Turnover metrics and calculations are arguably some of the most important in HR management. They are particularly useful in providing you with the initial view of how your team, department, or organization is doing. Turnover metrics will provide you with investigation-prompting data. If your metrics are poor, then you’ll need to dig deeper and find out the cause. If your…

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How to Find the Perfect Flexible Working Arrangement for (Almost) Every Employee

Flexible working works for employees and employers. In a global survey of 8000 employers and employees, 83% of respondents found that adopting flexible working policies improved productivity. 61% said it lead to higher profits, and 58% believed their flexible working policy had given their business a reputation boost. Staff certainly want the option of flexible working arrangements. UK research found…

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What In The World Is A Job Match Test (And Why Your Organization Needs It!)

Ahhh… The perfect match! And I am not referring to love, here. But when you’re desperate to find the perfect candidate for a job, you might just sound as hopeless as someone who has been trying to find love for years. There are numerous ways to try and find the right person for the right job, but we already know…

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9 Things to Keep in Mind When Building Trust in Teams

Trust is the highest form of human motivation. It brings out the very best in people. – Stephen R. Covey Building trust in teams is one of the key elements to creating an effective and high performing team. And I think you would have trouble finding someone who would dispute that statement. So when I tell you that studies have…

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Why Team Management Fails and What You Can Do About It

Teams are at the core of a company’s success. How many times have you heard a similar statement? Probably thousands of times. And you can’t really disagree; we all know that effective teams are what make or break an organization. Yet team management remains one of the most difficult tasks that companies and leaders face. So why does team management…

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7 Personality Questions you Should Include in your Next Interview

How many of you have tried gauging a candidate’s personality during an interview? How many of you were successful? Better yet, how many of you have said these words: “I really didn’t think he/she was going to be like that when I interviewed him/her!” Chances are a lot of you have been down that road; thinking you had a candidate’s…

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How to Improve the Efficiency of your Training and Development Strategy

In order to encourage employee engagement, retain the best talent and remain competitive on the market, you have decided to rely on training and development of competencies (among other things). Bravo! The most competitive businesses know that they need to develop a culture of learning and innovation. Then again, you must be wondering how to make sure you truly reap…

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13 Easy Tips for Hiring the Right Person for the Job

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a 100% chance of finding the RIGHT employee for the job every time you posted an offer? Awesome’s not the word: utopia might be more appropriate. That being said, there are certain things you can (and must) do if you want to try and find the right person, for the right job, in the…

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