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Posts From 'Working environment' Category

How to Improve Interdepartmental Communication

Whether you are in an SME or large organization, effective interdepartmental communication is of utmost importance. For obvious reasons, having a steady flow of exchanges, follow-ups and check-ins can help unify employees and keep everyone on the same page. But it’s not always that simple. In order to improve interdepartmental communication, we must understand what is preventing or making it…

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Business Happiness: 7 Things You Should Know

Have you assessed your employees’ happiness lately? Is your organization benefiting from a happy workforce? If you’re unsure of your answers, it may be time to take a step back and truly understand what business happiness means to you, to your human capital and to your organization as a whole. To help you on your quest for happiness, here are…

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Is Being Organized at Work the Answer, or is Spontaneity the Best Way to Go?

If you were to ask yourself that question, chances are you picked the one that resembles you the most. But hey, I wasn’t expecting anything less! But if you really wanted to take the bias out of the equation, what are you left with? Before we get down to it though, I want to make sure we all agree on…

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The 7 Best Kept Secrets About Happiness in the Workplace

Why should we be preoccupied with our employee’s happiness in the workplace? Aren’t there more important matters to take care of – like sales, marketing, finance and operations? The answer is rather simple: all of the above are optimized if (and only if!) the employees occupying these functions are happy in the accomplishment of their work. Therefore, here are the…

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How to Work Better Together, Plain and Simple

I can remember back when I had to do group projects in university, with fellow students i didn’t know, and on different schedules. Oh the memories! Then came actual jobs where I had to collaborate with co-workers on a specific project. But no matter the type of setting or context you find yourself doing group work in, we all know…

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7 Signs That You Need Flexible Work Arrangements

Today’s workforce is not what it used to be. Young, and even older, people are wanting something different, seeking organizations that can offer them a little extra: more women are in the professional field and in full-time jobs, families are juggling 2 careers, generation Y needs great flexibility and expect not to be tied down or adhere to strict guidelines……

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How to Make the Most of Employee Relations in your Organization

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” There is no doubt that nowadays, a company’s success depends on its employees, and the literature regarding engagement and human capital development is exhaustive. The bottom line is that all individuals, no matter what position they occupy in a company, what their functions are or where they stand in the…

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6 Scary Facts about Discrimination at Work

As an employer, you have a duty to provide your employees with a safe and discrimination-free working environment. This means avoiding bias in hiring, promotion, career opportunities, as well as exuding acceptance and fairness in order to set a good example across your organization. So… do you assume that your organization is free from such biases? Perhaps this is a…

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