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360-degree Review of my Remote Working Experience

Annnnnd that’s a wrap! It is now day 28 of my 4-week remote working experience, and I’m on my way home to beautiful (albeit rainy) Montreal. Am I sad to leave Portugal? Absolutely. But I must admit that the Traditional side of my personality is looking forward to the structure and routine of being home. Now that this whole experience…

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Personality Traits of Digital Nomads: Have you got them?

Hello again from sunny Porto! If you’ve been following the previous chapters, you’d know that my journey is nearing its end. It is now day 21 of my 4-week remote experience, and the countdown has officially started until I am back in our offices in Montreal. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I am working out of a…

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Management and Remote Work: Can only Superheros pull it off?

Olá! It is now Day 14 of my remote-working adventure (at this point, I can’t simply call it an “experience” anymore!). Isn’t Porto beautiful?       Now that I’m halfway into this journey, I find the timing to be perfect for discussing what is arguably the most important and concerning topic that makes remote working so difficult for a…

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Can you really be as productive working remotely?

Hello from Portugal! I am writing this blog on day 7 of my remote month in Porto. I am in an adorable café near my co-working space because, as I have come to realize, the Portuguese aren’t as keen on a “coffee-to-go” as the North Americans! Why am I in Portugal? If you’ve read my last article, you’d know that…

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How my Personality Profile got me a Remote Month in Porto

Leen: Hey boss, I want to join this program and go work remotely for a month in Porto. Stephan (Leen’s boss): You know we encourage remote working and work life balance, but you’re pretty spontaneous, Leen. Are you going to be able to handle all your projects? Leen: I know I’m spontaneous and I knew that would be your biggest…

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Leadership Tips for Startup Founders From Some of the Greatest Leaders

Throughout history we have had some inspiring leaders who have left us with lessons from both their failures and their victories. Although the specifics and their circumstances may no longer be relevant, their lessons and messages are relevant even to this day. One might think that managing a huge MNC will take a lot of leadership skills, but we often…

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10 Characteristics of an Exceptional Team

Strong teams hold your business together through impossible periods, when the world is out to get you and nothing seems to go your way. Good teams form close bonds, helping you maintain morale through difficult times. Great teams know how to build on each other’s strengths and makeup for their weaknesses. Exceptional teams are flexible, adaptable, and ready to respond…

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13 Ways To Lose Your Best Employees

In case you haven’t heard, your employees are your best asset. Without them, your company would never have gotten to where it is today, Or worse, it simply wouldn’t exist! You invest so much time and effort in trying to recruit the best out there, you can’t ignore their needs to make sure they are happy and want to stay…

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